26 Nov 2013

Along the line for 160gr Magazine

For the relaunch of 160gr magazine photographer Lara Giliberto and stylist Benoit Martinengo "played" with the issue's theme, Japan, creating some incredible paper origami accessories for this elegant and sofisticated editorial.

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18 Nov 2013

Flavor Magazine out now

Editorial by Lara Giliberto with beautiful Alicia Medina and talented stylist Celine Marioni

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Flavor n 59



27 Sep 2013

Surface China

Surface China features an article about Betony Vernon. Photographic art and portrait by Lara Giliberto

Take a look at the whole project "Bodyscapes" here


Surface China - March 2013



26 Sep 2013

Phantom of Paradise for Crash Magazine

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Crash n65 - September 2013



11 Sep 2013

On Your Mark for Bite Magazine

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Bite magazine n 7 - Summer 2013



30 Jul 2013

La mer a voir for Flavor Magazine

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Flavor n 57



22 Jul 2013

Saint Michel for Modzik Magazine

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12 Jun 2013

Alma Jodorowsky for Glamour Paris

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Glamour Paris - Juin 2013



26 Apr 2013

First Impression on Dedicate Magazine

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Dedicate n 30



02 Apr 2013

TalieNk Campaign

The brazilian brand Talie Nk, issued from the famous NK Store, chose Paris for its new A/W 2013 campaign, photographed by Lara Giliberto.


Talie Nk - A/W 2013



25 Mar 2013

Beauty Special on Parfums for Madame Figaro

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Madame Figaro - February 2013



25 Mar 2013

Lou de Laage for Glamour Paris

The new face of french cinema, Lou de Laage, was shot by Lara Giliberto for the new issue of Glamour Paris.

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Glamour Paris - April 2013



22 Mar 2013

Pauline Etienne for Crash Magazine

Paulinne Etienne is on the cover of Crash Magazine this month and leading model of a special editorial. Shot by Lara Giliberto

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Crash n 63



22 Mar 2013

Ikebana for Flavor Magazine

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Flavor n 55



22 Mar 2013

Betony Vernon for Modzik

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Modzik Avril 2013



21 Dec 2012

Kama on Purple Diary

Purple diary featured some nice shots of our exhibition in Milan. Thank you Purple Diary!!

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Purple Diary - December 2012



21 Dec 2012

Exhibition: Kama, Sex&Design

Triennale Design Museum presents KAMA: Sex and Design, a great exhibition about the relationship between eros and design. The title refers to the Hindu God of sexual pleasure, human love and desire. KAMA tries to deal with one of the more exasperated contemporary “ghosts”, but in the meantime the more removed.

The exhibition wants to investigate how sexuality incorporates itself in the things and makes them medium of knowledge. For the designers, but also for the users.

For this occasion, Lara Giliberto presents, together with jewellery designer Betony Vernon, her personal interpretation of Paradise Found collection in a series of images entitled Bodyscapes.

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All photos are Giclee prints on Cotton paper, 54x36 cm

Edition: 5 ex. + II AP. (price on demand)


Kama: Sex&Design @ Triennale Design Museum



21 Dec 2012

Sang Bleu Issue 6

Lara Giliberto features the new issue of Sang Bleu Magazine with her project Bodyscapes on Betony Vernon's Paradise Found jewellery design

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Sang Bleu Issue 6



21 Dec 2012

Kama: Sex&Design on Dazed Digital

Let's Talk About Sex Betony Vernon, the sexual anthropologist and jeweller extraordinaire discusses her debut as a sculptor for the KAMA: Sex & Design exhibition

Photography by Lara Giliberto

From the series Bodyscapes, Urn Diletto, 2012

Giclee print on Cotton paper, 54x36 cm

Edition: 5 ex. + II AP. (price on demand)


Dazed Digital, December 2012



24 Nov 2012

Wax Tailor + Vitalic for Modzik

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24 Nov 2012

Raisa for Forget Them Magazine

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20 Sep 2012

Blackout Babies for Modzik

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Modzik - September 2012



07 Jul 2012


Lara Giliberto features the new issue of Aie Magazine with a portrait of Stephane Ashpool, owner of Parisian Mensweare store PIGALLE.

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Aie Magazine - Summer 2012



06 Jul 2012

A Distinctive Style - Corrado de Biase for FGR Exclusives

Photographer Lara Giliberto captures Lily in looks from Paris-based designer Corrado de Biase’s autumn collection for our most recent exclusive. Styled by Marta Sara Crescimanno, Lily stands out in de Biase’s floral brocades, quilted jackets and sheer organza with sparkling accessories from Ek Thongprasert. On beauty are hair stylist Giovanni Di Stefano and makeup artist Aya Murai with a mohawk and berry lips.

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Fashion Gone Rogue - July 2012



04 Jun 2012

Numero Paris

Everybody is talking about the collective exhibition organised by Nick Night in London and ending these days. Here is latest issue of Numero Paris with an interesting interview of jewellery designer Betony Vernon talking about her work and those very images shot by Lara Giliberto.


Numero 134, Juin-Juillet 2012



15 May 2012

Cold Specks for Modzik

Lara Giliberto's new collaboration for Modzik Magazine this month features the portrait of new born music artist Cold Specks.


Modzik - June 2012



26 Apr 2012

Dedicate Magazine

Dedicate special on Lacoste new collection designed by Felipe Oliveira Baptista was shot by Lara Giliberto, styling Yoko Miyake


Dedicate - April 2012



15 Mar 2012

Exhibition "Selling Sex" at SHOWSTUDIO Gallery SHOP in London

It is a well known fact that the majority of images we consume are created by men, and too often is feminism an easy target for commodification in the wider context of contemporary culture. SHOWstudio has decided to examine this 'self-other' relationship and curate an exhibition about sex, as seen exclusively from a female perspective. The exhibition opens 22nd March 2012.

For this occasion Lara Giliberto will participate with a few images born from the recent collaboration with American-born jewellery designer Betony Vernon.

"Selling Sex" from March 22nd to June 1st 2012 @ SHOP Gallery

1 - 9 Bruton Place London, W1J 6LT

Monday to Friday, 11:00 - 18:00


Bodyscapes I and II, 2012



20 Jan 2012

Giochi Preziosi for Velvet Magazine

Le curve sinuose delle architetture déco, l'oro e l'argento, il bianco e il nero. Lo stile giusto per esaltare i gioielli più importanti.


Velvet Magazine - December 2011



08 Nov 2011

Una Diva Glam for Velvet Magazine

Pitone colorato, gioielli d'oro giallo, stole di pelliccia: come Bianca Jagger e Thalita Getty negli anni Settanta.


Velvet Magazine - October 2011



13 Sep 2011

The 32nd floor for FGR Exclusives

The 32nd Floor - Karlina Caune plays in an intriguing beauty in photographer Lara Giliberto sensuous portraits for Fashion Gone Rogue. Towering over the city on the 32nd floor, Karlina gets swathed in the lush selects of stylist James V. Thomas with designs from Versace, Prada, Gucci and others. Wearing a bold red lip by Fumihiro Ban and loose curls by Helene Bidard, Karlina enjoys a smoke and window view from the top.

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04 Sep 2011

Rockabilly for Velvet Magazine


Velvet Magazine - September 2011



14 Jun 2011

Interi Design for Velvet Magazine


Velvet Magazine - July 2011



26 May 2011

Sport Couture for L'Officiel Ukraine

A new editorial to push the boundaries of fashion allure through the hardcore of sport, mixing and matching haut couture pieces and sports elements.

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L'Officiel Ukraine - June 2011



21 Apr 2011

Dedicate Magazine

The most promising faces of fashion are the new faces!!! The sweet taste of success for DEdiCate Magazine

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DEdiCate - April 2011



23 Feb 2011

Beige for Velvet Magazine


Velvet Magazine - March 2011



03 Feb 2011

Atonement for Kult Magazine

Lara Giliberto and Paris based stylist Marta Sara Crescimanno bring forward visions and experimentations from the most interesting european designer of our time for the new issue of Kult Magazine, February 2011.

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Kult - February 2011



28 Jan 2011

Lara Giliberto: Interview for THE FUC

She has it in her heart, she has it in her eye! Lara Giliberto is a young and talented italian photographer, in a time where being a fashion photographer means, being good in using photoshop, she is an exception. We are sure she will become one of Italian finest...

To see the whole interview follow the link




24 Jan 2011

Man in the city for HUSK Magazine

Photographer Lara Giliberto shot this minimalistic editorial for HUSK reflecting a fully poethic imaginary of a man in the urban environment.

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12 Jan 2011

Praise the dawning for DDN free

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12 Jan 2011

Tribal Tricot for D Magazine

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16 Nov 2010

Exhibition at Wannabee Gallery

On the occasion of the collective exhibition "Wannabee prize 2010" Lara Giliberto will be presenting "Absence". The work is part of a bigger project named "Absences", composed of a series of pictures, expressions of light, whose subject, even if initially palpable and real, results as no longer identifiable. The prints, of big dimensions, impalpable and transparent to the vision, present themselves as a window on the intellectual congestion of our time, signals of a visually saturated reality. Transcending the prospective of photography seen as only a mean of representation, light's apparition or mere record of reality, the artist choose to communicate through the absence of the image, and so proceeding to analyze the possibilities of the mean as a visual language, able to associate light and space.

"Wannabee prize 2010" from October 2nd to 14th @ Wannabee Gallery, via Thaon de Revel, 3 - Milan, Italy Vernissage Saturday, October 2nd - 6pm


Absence, 2009, lightjet on dibond, 180 x 120 cm



P.IVA 05769070961